“The Citrus Garden a gift for The Holiday ” at 2804 E 2nd St Tucson Az 85716

Okay so call me crazy but this property has so much Citrus that I was bound to work something into one of my Open houses. That something was a gift from the bounty of all the wonderful citrus that grow at 2804 E 2nd St. Tucson Az 85716. This is a simple inexpensive project you can also do as door gifts for your Christmas parties. I even like to hand them out to the elderly and churches as donations for their food boxes.  Lets start with what is growing and ripe at this time of year. At my second street listing  there were 3 varieties of  citrus trees loaded with fruit…Tangerine, Lemon and Orange. All were sweat and edible and no pesticides were used on these trees.

Orange Tree at 2804 E 2nd St Tucson, Az 85704 a property offered by Strategy Realty LLC
Tangerine Tree grown at 2804 E 2nd St Tucson, Az 85716 a home located in the Historic Sam Hughes Neighborhood
Lemon Tree Grown at 2804 E 2nd St Tucson, Az 85716 a property located across the street from Himmel Park and Himmel Library in Tucson Arizona









To save time I actually found these wonderful Holiday treat bags at Target.  They are at .50 a bag a very reasonable price and of good quality. I then purchased simple red,white and green Spritz curl ribbon approx $2.00 at 400 ft. I had the hole punch. to start simply punch 2 holes at the top of the bag, fill the bag with the oranges, tangerines and limes. Then cut the 3 colored ribbon and thread thru the holes. Tie a knot and curl the ribbon. A treat at less than a dollar.


Spread The Cheer of the Holidays with these Citrus Treat Bags.

Have a Great Holiday Everyone!!

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